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How do I update my beneficiary information online?

  1. Click “Login.”
    • First-Time Users: click “Login” on the landing page, then click on the “Register For Individual Access” link and follow the prompts to activate your account.
    • Existing Users: input your established user name and password.
    • Please do not click the “Enroll” button to access your existing account for the first time. 

  2. On the My Summary page, click “My profile” then “Beneficiaries.” The new Beneficiaries page provides access to add, update or delete beneficiaries as well as a link to designate beneficiary percentages. 

  3. To create a new beneficiary entry click “Add a beneficiary.” 
    • Enter the new beneficiary’s details then click the “Save” button. Please note, fields with a red asterisk are required.

  4. To edit a beneficiary, click the green circle with the plus sign inside. Edit the desired fields on the record, and then click the “Save” button. 

  5. To delete a beneficiary, while editing the record, click the “Delete” button. Note that only unassigned beneficiaries can be deleted. 

  6. To set or manage Beneficiary designations, click the “Beneficiary designations” button. 
    • Select the plan or account you wish to modify then click “Change beneficiary designation.”
      • You may also apply one account’s beneficiary designations across the plan or individually by using the copy feature.
    • To add a beneficiary, click “Add beneficiary designation,” then select the person to add from the dropdown. Set Primary or Contingent, enter a percentage and click the “Add” button.
    • To modify a designation, click the “Update” link to change the beneficiary type and percentage. When complete click the “Save” button.
    • To remove a beneficiary designation, click the “Remove” link. 
  7. To review your beneficiary designations, click the plan you wish to confirm then select the Beneficiary tab. Changes made online are immediately available.



Will AIG Retirement Services mail a confirmation of the updated beneficiary designation to me? 



Yes, AIG Retirement Services will mail a confirmation letter to your address of record when a beneficiary is updated, or notify you by email if you are signed up for PersonalDeliver-e®. Additionally, beneficiary updates will appear on your next quarterly statement.